Stefan Petrovic, Founder

After attaining his Bachelor’s at the Faculty of Law of the University of Belgrade as Class Valedictorian with a perfect 10.00/10.00 average, as well as winning numerous national and international awards both individually and as part of the Faculty’s team, Stefan Petrovic immediately began his professional career.

During his tenure at a renowned regional law firm, Stefan managed to balance his professional career with expanding his academic knowledge and experience. With another perfect grade average, Stefan received his Master’s degree in International Business Law, and is currently a PhD candidate at his alma mater in Civil Law.

Besides working for prestigious, established firms in the region, Stefan Petrovic has spent time working at the Faculty of Law as a member of the Civil Law department, as well as coaching various competitive Faculty teams.

As holder of the coveted Saint Sava Award for contributions to science, education and educational practice for 2020, and with his experience working on projects of material and strategic value for the public and private sectors, Stefan is a forerunner of his generation; combining an enviable academic acumen with high value, real-world expertise. The launch of Petrovic Legal represents a fresh approach to Commercial Law. The firm mirrors Stefan’s dedication to a deep understanding of the clients’ businesses, and matching that understanding to the appropriate legal processes and procedures, providing targeted, efficient results.