Petrovic | Legal is a new generation law firm that radically changes the approach to law and the relationship with clients. Our work is based and nurtured on the following principles:

Our clients become our friends

We build a friendly relationship with clients full of trust, a calm atmosphere even in the most tense and decisive moments – because only in this way do we reach the goal on time together. A friendly relationship allows clients to openly convey their aspirations and problems to us, so that our team can see the bigger picture and thus provide a legal service at a level more than expected. We look through the eyes of our clients.


Our only aspiration in providing legal services is to keep the client satisfied. That is why our team pays great attention to understanding the needs of clients, as well as understanding their business. The only way for a legal document that accompanies clients’ business to be of good quality is to be in line with their business philosophy. That is why our team learns every day and expands its knowledge in various fields every day – depending on the needs of clients. In this regard, you have access to lawyers and associates with extensive knowledge of various fields who incorporate their knowledge into legal services and provide them with a deep understanding of your business.

All clients are equal

The way a client is treated have nothing to do with who they are or how much they spend on legal services. All clients are treated equally, with dignity, respect and the appropriate attention. All clients are equal and each of them especially deserves the full and focused attention of our team to be paid to their legal problem. We apply this principle consistently and fairly among everyone regardless of their race, gender, age, or other physical, emotional or any other characteristics.

A step further – more than expected

Clients rarely get exactly what they expect from service providers. However, our team goes a step further and provides the clients with more than they expect. Precisely because of our open relationship and mutual trust with clients, we are able to see the entire issue and in-depth analysis of clients’ business. That is why our legal service is a picture of our relationship with clients – gaining trust.

A team made up of the most successful graduates

We believe that the best lawyers are those who are well versed in theoretical knowledge and who were once among the best students. That is why our team consists of lawyers who have shown themselves best at the leading faculties in Serbia and abroad, as well as in further academic work through conferences and scientific papers. The only measure of engagement in our office is concrete results.