e-Registration of incorporation of a company

In order to improve the conditions for starting a business, the registration application for incorporation of a company from 17 May 2023 is submitted to the Agency for Business Registers exclusively in electronic form, according to the Law on Registration Procedure. In the eRegistration process, all documents that are attached must be in electronic form. This practically means that from 17 May 2023, there will no longer be a possibility to submit an application for the establishment of a company to the APR in paper form. In this way, conditions are created for reducing costs and time for establishing a company, the level of services for citizens and entities is improved and expanded, and the processing time of requests by the Agency is reduced, which contributes to greater efficiency.

The revised process simplifies company formation, conserves resources, and enhances its appeal to entrepreneurs. To take advantage of this more straightforward process, applicants (or their representatives) must have an account on the SBRA online platform and a qualified electronic certificate issued by a competent Serbian authority.