Postponement of the payment of the due tax

The provisions of Article 73 para. 1˗6. of the Law on Tax Procedure and Tax Administration stipulate that the Tax Administration may, at the reasoned request of the taxpayer, in whole or in part, postpone the payment of tax due, provided that the payment of tax due:

1) represents an inappropriately large burden for the taxpayer;

2) causes significant economic damage to the taxpayer.

The taxpayer performs the stated delay by signing an agreement with the Tax Administration, i.e. it is done by a decision of the Tax Administration. In the decision-making process, the taxpayer is obliged to submit a security assets that cannot be less than the amount of tax whose payment is delayed.

The Tax Administration will ex officio annul the agreement, i.e. cancel the decision if the taxpayer does not adhere to the deadlines from the agreement, i.e. the decision, and then will collect the due and unpaid tax debt from security assets or in the procedure of forced tax debt collection. In that case, this taxpayer has no right to resubmit the request for deferment of payment of that due tax. However, the taxpayer may submit a reasoned request to the competent tax authority to defer payment of the due tax in installments ˗ but only for those tax liabilities that were not already covered by the previous agreement, and the Tax Administration may defer payment in full or in part, no later than up to 60 months, if the taxpayer meets the prescribed conditions.