Petrovic won Saint Sava Award for 2020

On 27 January 2021, at the Government Building, the First Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Education, Science and Technological Development, Branko Ružić, presented prominent individuals and institutions with the St. Sava award for 2020. The awards were given for outstanding results in the field of education, improvement of educational practice, and development of scientific and artistic achievements in the field of education in the Republic of Serbia. Among the winners was our PhD student Stefan Petrović, the best student in the class of 2014/2015. The Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development described his achievements as follows: as the best student in class, he received the Best Student award from the University of Belgrade. He is involved in scientific research projects at the University of Belgrade Faculty of Law. In 2019, he participated in an international competition in the field of international arbitration, and in 2020 he coached the Faculty of Law team for the international competition in sports law (they won second place); he also coached a team of the same faculty for the national moot court competition. At the age of 25, he passed the bar exam, thus becoming one of the youngest attorneys in the Republic of Serbia.